Do You Need to Talk?

Do you need a safe space to talk about something that happened to you? 

Medical traumas, sexual assaults, and unexpected losses happen to travelers too, but people living abroad often lack the access to quality therapy in their native language.  Emotional struggles are often invisible to the people around us as well as the friends and family at home.  Cultural and language barriers can often enhance feelings of isolation and stigma. 

Are you suffering in silence with something that happened to you?  You don’t have to do this alone.

Do you find that sometimes you manage but other times, you are overcome by intrusive thoughts of what happened?  This is a normal response to a traumatic event, and healing is possible.

Do you find it hard to talk to other people about your experiences?  This is also very normal.  I can help you find the words and the way out of the feelings that keep you scared or stuck.

Do you worry that if you tell your friends and family back home that they will just try to convince you to come home?  That’s a legitimate worry.  I can help you navigate these conversations with loved ones.

Research shows that what makes a traumatic event traumatic is not always the terrible event itself, but also the terrible feeling of going through it alone and nobody understanding or knowing.  Talking about what happened to you may be hard at first, but it allows your brain to fully process a traumatic event, so that you can feel safe and at ease again.