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In June of 2017, after 10 years of private practice, my husband and I and our 8 year old twins left our well-rooted life in Austin, Texas to step away from the US and experiment with living, working and studying abroad as a family.  Travel has always been a big part of my life but shifting out of a “we travel on vacation” mentality to a digital nomad mindset has radically transformed my daily life, our family values and my work as a therapist.  The nomad lifestyle suits my independent and entrepreneurial spirit well, and the natural beauty of my surrounds and slow time with family is profoundly nourishing.  Every day, I am challenged by how to manifest the values of lived experiences over materialism and humbled by the challenges that are part of living and working this way.

But, as you know, it’s not a permanent vacation and this is something that folks back home don’t quite get.  I quickly learned that well-intentioned friends and family could not always offer the empathy and understanding that I craved, especially as I struggled with less-glamourous aspects of the nomad lifestyle.  It was only through connecting authentically with other nomads and expats that I found my new emotional home base while living abroad.

I founded Digital Nomad Support to give other nomads and expats like you the experience of clinical support, community and connection when you find yourself struggling alone and needing the support of someone who doesn’t glamorize or judge the life you have created for yourself.

How does my story unfold from here?  While we plan to return to Texas in August of 2018, I know that continued periods of living and working abroad will continue to be part of our family’s story.  And I know that the Digital Nomad Support will grow and thrive wherever I am.  Whatever brought you here and whether this reaches you in flight, rooted, or anywhere in between, I am glad that you are here.  Let’s get started.

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