About Diagnosis

I once had a wise mentor tell me that “diagnosis is only important insofar as it leads to helpful treatment” and I believe this to be true. Even though as a licensed psychotherapist, I have the power to give you a mental health diagnosis, I don’t like to diagnose and I avoid it unless you require me to diagnose you for insurance reimbursement purposes.

Here’s why: for me, the mental process of identifying and labeling your “problem” often leads me down an unhelpful path of thinking that I understand something about you and how you work, when really I always have more to learn about who you are and what makes you tick.

So while I am a therapist, I am one who stays off the diagnosis path in order to stay firmly rooted in the path of curiosity, non-judgment and true understanding. And even when I have to provide a diagnosis for reimbursement, I involve you on every step of the path to arrive at a mutually-determined diagnosis so that I don’t miss anything important about who you are and how I can help.

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