About Diagnosis

I once had a wise mentor tell me that “diagnosis is only important insofar as it leads to helpful treatment” and I believe this to be true. Even though as a licensed psychotherapist, I have the power to give you a mental health diagnosis, I don’t like to diagnose and I avoid it unless you require me to diagnose you for insurance reimbursement purposes.

Here’s why: for me, the mental process of identifying and labeling your “problem” often leads me down an unhelpful path of thinking that I understand something about you and how you work, when really I always have more to learn about who you are and what makes you tick.

So while I am a therapist, I am one who stays off the diagnosis path in order to stay firmly rooted in the path of curiosity, non-judgment and true understanding. And even when I have to provide a diagnosis for reimbursement, I involve you on every step of the path to arrive at a mutually-determined diagnosis so that I don’t miss anything important about who you are and how I can help.


About Medicine and Mental Health

Before founding Digital Nomad Support, I established a successful private practice in Downtown Austin where I worked as a psychotherapist with adults and couples for 10 years. Before going into private practice, I worked in both Mexico and Texas in the field of Integrated Behavioral Health, which is jargon for a job where I worked together with primary care physicians and psychiatrists to bring therapy into medical settings. From this experience, I learned to be very comfortable working with medications and with other healing professionals—both alternative and mainstream.

My experiences in the medical world taught me both about the importance and limitations of integrating a medical perspective in my work and since then, I have developed an approach to therapy that works to establish wellness rather than eliminate illness. I see mental wellness as a lifelong process that requires integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The quest to live a connected, healthy, nourishing, fulfilling and emotionally authentic life is, for me and my clients, the heart of mental wellness.